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for animal feed

Feedback is a specialised magazine, published by DSM Nordic, which presents current information on animal feed ingredients. The idea behind the magazine is to facilitate access to specialised knowledge, making it easier to stay updated.

The magazine was first published at the end of 2010 as a printed magazine distributed to more than 500 readers in Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway. Today, Feedback has a loyal readership throughout the Nordic region.

Use of smartphones and tablets is increasing rapidly, and our habits and behaviour are changing drastically. As from the spring of 2016, Feedback has therefore become an online magazine – a digital knowledge platform, reference work and forum for dialogue on the move. This has opened up some exciting new opportunities for readers, who have gained access to, for instance, a professional archive, links, related articles, debate fora, etc.

Feedback is for all of the functions of customers and partners in the feed industry. It does not require a subscription, but to read the magazine you will need to create a profile with a personal log-in. This gives a number of advantages.

Create a profile to access a number of advantages

Get access to

  • Specialised articles with facts, photos, graphic illustrations, videos and links to more knowledge
  • Related and most read articles
  • Archive with all previous specialised articles
  • Comments on articles and the opportunity to take part in the debate.

Publication frequency:

Feedback is a specialised magazine and the articles are provided by specialists at DSM Nordic in such areas as poultry, ruminant, swine and aqua in the Nordic market. The magazine’s ambition is to provide knowledge of high quality, rather than frequent updates. The magazine will therefore be updated once a month. DSM will update you as a reader via a newsletter, when you have created a profile.

Debate and use of the magazine:

Feedback can only be read in its full length if you have created a free profile. This also means that you need an open profile, to be able to participate in the debate. DSM Nordic would like to promote objective and professional debate. The editors therefore reserve the right to delete or moderate contributions that are not serious, infringe legislation or otherwise overstep the boundaries for a good tone in the debate. DSM Nordic seeks to respond to all relevant comments on articles, as well as other enquiries.

Who is DSM Nordic?

DSM Nordic is part of DSM – a global, scientifically-based company with focus on health, nutrition and materials. DSM Nordic focuses on innovative solutions within nutrition, with special insights into the Nordic market.

More about DSM here

Contact the editors

Editors: Bo Groth Bendsen & Lisbeth Falk

Editorial secretary: Mathilde Forstholm
Graphic design: Lars Bechsgaard


Publisher: DSM Nordic


If you have ideas or requests for topics to be considered by the editors, please contact us using the contact form. If you have problems with creating a profile, please write to

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