Bo Groth Bendsen

M.Sc. – Swine specialist
(Sales & Marketing Manager, DSM Nordic/Baltic)

Bo Groth Bendsen is sales & marketing manager and a swine specialist at DSM Nordic/Baltic. Bo is responsible for technical projects and focuses on DSM's product portfolio, premixe, etc. Bo's professional background includes the Danish Agriculture and Food Council, The Danish Food Administration and DLG (Dansk Landbrugs Grovvareselsskab). He is a qualified agronomist.

+45 43 20 89 82

Brian N. Fisker

M.Sc. – Swine specialist
(Market Development Manager, DSM Nordic/Baltic)

Brian Fisker is a swine specialist and serves as Market Development Manager at DSM for the Nordic & Baltic countries. At DSM Brian is also focusing on advisory service and sale of the Enzyme portfolio. Brian has 20 years' experience from Videnscenter for Svineproduktion, Landbrug & Fødevarer (the Knowledge Centre for Agriculture and the Danish Pig Research Centre) and joined DSM Nordic/Baltic in 2012. Brian is a qualified agronomist.

+45 43 20 89 86

Christer Ohlsson

Ph.D. – Ruminant specialist
(Market Development Manager, DSM Nordic/Baltic)

Christer Ohlsson is Market Development Manager for ruminants at DSM Nordic/Baltic. Christer is a qualified agronomist with a Ph.D. in fodder production from the USA, and with 13 years' experience as a researcher at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Uppsala and Aarhus University, Foulum. Christer also has 12 years' experience as product manager and technical sales manager at Medipharm and Chr. Hansen.

+45 43 20 89 75

Laura Locatelli

M.Sc. – Poultry specialist
(Market Development Manager, DSM Nordic/Baltic)

Laura Locatelli is Market Development Manager for poultry at DSM Nordic/Baltic, and responsible for poultry related projects, activities and the DSM poultry portfolio. Laura is a qualified agronomist with a MSc. in animal nutrition from Argentina, and with 18 years' business experience in feed industry and poultry production, working as technical & sales manager in Argentina, USA, Spain, Germany and Denmark at companies like Evonik, FOSS, Norel.

+45 58 24 05 16

Torben Hinrichsen

M.Sc. – Swine specialist
(Technical Account Manager i DSM Nordic/Baltic)

Torben Hinrichsen serves as a swine specialist with focus on swine nutrition. At DSM, Torben therefore has special focus on advisory services and sale of the Eubiotics portfolio. Torben is a qualified agronomist and for about ten years he has worked with the feeding and nutrition of monogastric animals in such companies as Agrokorn, Arla Foods Ingredients and, most recently, DLG.

+45 58 24 05 60

Lisa Petrén Bach Hansen

M. Sc. – Animal Science
(Technical Account Manager, DSM Nordic/Baltic)

Lisa Petrén's focus area is supporting the technical sale of the DSM product portfolio as well as nutritional solutions. Lisa is educated as M. Sc. in Animal Science and has previously worked in the feed industry (NAG).

+45 58 24 05 85

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